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A person’s nationality and ethnicity determines which set of laws applies to who in the West Bank, rights groups have noted.

Ahed Tamimi’s case has made headlines internationally and has once again shined a light on the inequalities in the legal system. Many lawyers and analysts submit that the law, and its operation in the West Bank is tantamount to apartheid.

Under the dual legal system, Palestinians facing legal action, which is run through a Military tribunal by Israeli soldiers and officers – receive far harsher sentences than a settler who commits the same crime and is tried in a civil court – as we have shown in the book some are not punished at all.

The discrimination is apparent – Palestinians are tried in military courts as adults at the age of 16, while the majority of Israelis at 18.

According to Defence for Children International – (DCI Palestine), and as we have established in the book, since 2000, at least 8,000 Palestinian minors, including 17-year-old Ahed, have been prosecuted in Israel’s military courts,

However, the unequal treatment between Israeli settlers and Palestinians is not the main point to take away from the case of Ahed and thousands of other Palestinian youth. We maintain that the entire Military court system that operates in the West Bank is illegitimate and is rooted in a decades-long process of colonisation.

The authors of the book are committed to assisting Palestinian youth who are prosecuted through the Military court system. Profits from the book will be paced in a Palestine Legal Defence Fund and donated to assist in legal representation.